Friday, March 04, 2011

Getting a Plan

I was out for lunch a couple of weeks ago with two of my talented writer friends, and they both had some advice for me.

Get a plan.

I am not one for planning, normally. I always meet deadlines, book events in advance and keep a diary well enough to avoid conflicts, but I do not strategically plan as a writer.

This is one of the reasons that getting into the She Writes programme has been so good for me. We have had dates for the diary in the form of deadlines, workshops, residencies and meetings. I had to think about my goals for the year at the start of the scheme, and I've achieved all but one - which the Bafta showcase will hopefully help sort out.

The showcase, however, marks the end of the scheme. By mid March I will be plan free, and I don't want the hard work I've done over the last year to be for nothing.

I think I'm going to enter the BAFTA Rocliffe new writing forum at the end of March, but aside from that my year is a big blank slate. What to do?

How do you normally plan your writing? Or, indeed, do you?