Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brand New Year, Same Old Me

2009 was a lovely year. It seemed to pass so quickly that I can't quite believe it's gone. I had one of the most wonderful years of my life so far (no joke), simply due to the fact that I was writing every day. I have been out of the habit of creative writing for a couple of months now due to other commitments, but I'm going to get back into it with gusto soon.

I'm not a huge one for planning or resolution making, but I do have a few things I want to achieve in 2010.

These are:
  • Write final (well, you know what I mean) draft of The Hush, and send it out.
  • Complete the comedy script I'm working on
  • Enter more competitions (that's one I say every year and never do though)
  • Read more books than 2009. I will continue to document them on Goodreads, as it's worked out well for me. In 2009 I read 84 books, all for the first time. I may allow myself re-reads this year, not sure yet.
  • Embark upon photo projects, rather than a photo a day (I kept a 2009 photo-a-day diary). Can't tell you quite how freeing it is not to have to take a photo each day - and we're only 5 days in. I feel like I'm breaking the rules.
  • Learn the guitar. Yeah, baby. I used to play every musical instrument I could as a teen, and I've been longing to get back into it. Got a beautiful guitar for Christmas, so I will spend my free time strumming away.
So there we go. I'll also try to get back into the swing of blogging - perhaps on my lunch hour, as I'm doing now.

I'm off for a coffee to warm my cockles, but I leave you today with a few photos from the festive period. We had a white Christmas in Edinburgh, and the snow is still lying on the ground, so it's been picturesque (if cold and rather slippery).

Lanterns on the chilly beach at Portobello on Hogmanay:

A squirrel leaping in the snow at the Botanic Gardens:

And some nice festive berries, covered in the snow.