Thursday, February 19, 2009

Screenwriters on Twitter

There has been a massive explosion on the Twitter scene lately, and within a couple of months I've gone from following and being followed by a few folk to hundreds. I think part of the new popularity is down to that Stephen Fry chap and the media hounding him for interviews. Will it last? Who knows - but at the moment it's nice to have so many other people using it.

Many of you lovely screenwriting types are now on Twitter, and I'm following lots of you. I thought it might be helpful to list the screenwriters I follow here, and keep the list updated as often as possible. I've ordered by Twitter screen name, and if you don't have your real name on Twitter then I probably haven't listed it below, even if I know it.

UK & Ireland Screenwriters on Twitter

andrewtibbs / Andrew Tibbs
andycoughlan / Andy Coughlan
BrideOfChrist /
cg_regan / Chris Regan
davidbishop / David Bishop
DavidRoden / David Roden
dave_turner / David Turner
deanlines / Dean Lines
dstack30 / Danny Stack
dwlt / David Thomson
euripidean / Jane Harrison
ferretprincess / Jane Goldman
gibbzer / andrea gibb
girlinthecafe / thegirlinthecafe
Glinner / Graham Linehan
jamesmoran / James Moran
janetvaneeden/ Janet van Eeden
jasonarnopp / Jason Arnopp
jessearmstrong1 / Jesse Armstrong
johndharvey_com / John Harvey
john_hunter / John Hunter
JulianSimpson / Julian Simpson
KatieMcCullough / Katie McCullough
laragreenway / Lara Greenway
laurencetimms / laurence timms
ljthomson / Lee Thomson
LianneCarol / Lianne
lisabarrass / Lisa Barrass
lostgirl66 / Sally Luff
MartinAdams / Martin Adams
missread / Laura Anderson (me!)
Paul_Cornell / Paul Cornell
piersb / Piers Beckley
pilchard7 / Paul May
robstickler / Rob Stickler
SoFluid / Michelle Goode
splinister / Maura McHugh
stevyncolgan / Stevyn Colgan
StuartPerryUK / Stuart T Perry
TalcyBri / Brian Robinson
ukscriptwriter / Chris Parr
WellTold / Allen O'Leary

International Screenwriters on Twitter

ashleymeyers / Ashley Scott Meyers
chispywispy / Amanda Holiday
ddmulholland / David Mulholland
donmahr / Don Mahr
Edicious / Edda Fransiska
elizemorgan / Elize Morgan
ephiny / Ephiny Gale
EustaceChisholm / Tiffany Sciacca
feliciaday / Felicia Day
HlywdScrnwriter / Jeff Harris
jantrygve / Jan Trygve R√łyneland
jesshatchigan / Jessica Hatchigan
jimstansberry / Jim Stansberry
jrfaulkin / Jeff Faulkinbury
moviequill / Todd Gordon
neilhimself / Neil Gaiman
oriets / Vegard S. Amundsen
REALjtCarter / Jason T. Carter
renila / Irene Turner
sanyasagar / sanya
TeelaJBrown / Shawna Benson

As you can see, we have a grand mix of famous, infamous and unknowns mixed together, which is far more fun than putting you in different classes.

I follow a few other screenwriters who never post, so I've not included them here just now, but I'll update if they do.

If I don't have you in my list, then follow me on Twitter and I'll add you, or comment here. Remember, this is a personal rather than authoritative list!

UPDATE August 2009: as Twitter have changed the way they list contacts, this list has subsequently become harder to manage. Do send me a tweet or comment below and I'll add you to this.