Friday, June 29, 2007

Ciao for now

Well, we have moved flat (almost completely!) and this will be my last day with internet access at home for the next wee while. We did book a cable installation appointment with Virgin for Monday, but they appear to have ignored our application so I doubt that will happen. Anyway, no blogging for a little while.

Should force me to procrastinate less, and concentrate on my feature. I've been dreading it slightly, at the same time as really looking forward to getting started. Weird, I know.

I am going to try my best to post a 25 word pitch and 150 word premise for Lucy's alternative 25 words or less competition if I can gather my thoughts enough. Fingers crossed...

Commiserations to those of you who did not make it to the BBC Screen Academy: they obviously do not know a good thing when they see it. However, I admire you all for actually going in for it in the first place: I did not even do that. So well done anyway, and if you're going to try again next year then good luck.

Be back soon, and happy blogging and writing to you :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Catch up

I had one of those blessed "good day" things yesterday.

The day started off well, with a much needed lie in. I went into town after and we started the process of getting a lease agreement for a lovely flat we want to rent. Uni beckoned after that, so I headed in for our afternoon workshop.

We had been told that our dreaded dossiers were waiting in the office for us to collect, and as regular readers will know I was NOT looking forward to getting the results of mine. However, I managed to do a lot better than I'd hoped, and achieved a D1 - distinction - on the thesis. Woo! There was no chance of me getting big headed about this, though, as David managed to get the highest mark that has been awarded in the Screen Academy so far for his. So well done, David. (shakes fist.)

After we'd stopped kowtowing at David's feet we picked ourselves up and began a workshop, of sorts. It was more of a chinwag and catch up, really, as most of us didn't have much ready to talk about. However it was nice to be back at uni and seeing people, and hopefully in a couple of weeks at the next meeting we will all be a bit more prepared.

I checked my results for the term today, and I'm quite happy with my progress so far. I didn't do quite as well in one of the modules as I'd hoped, but that's okay, I still did well enough. If this was an undergraduate course I'd be looking at a First, which is amazingly different from my first degree. It shows what a difference it can make when you actually enjoy what you're studying. Take note kids: don't do a degree you don't think you'll be interested in!

Anyway, I have a beer in front of me and I'm off to make some deeeeeeeeelicious vegan sushi for dinner. Yum yum yum.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I've set myself some goals for the next three months, as per the advice given by Adrian Mead. I think they are all perfectly reasonable, and I WILL be doing them.

It's strange though, breaking down the year and assigning tasks to each quarter. I know where I want to be, so I just need a plan to get there.

I've grown into a person who enjoys setting New Year resolutions (never used to like them so I'm not sure where this came from!) but splitting my vague but firm "be a professional writer" wish into sections seems far more logical.

My goals for the next three months include:
  • write several 1,5 and 10 minute scripts
  • write single page proposals for the scripts in my portfolio
  • practice pitching
  • practice writing loglines
See? They all seem reasonable. I've left out the things I will be doing whether in my goal list or not, such as "write a feature film" - something I will be doing for university anyway.

I've not had my PC on for the last few days at home, so I have much to catch up on just now. I got my assignment results back for our Writing for Interactive class - my first D3. Very happy with that, as we were told at the start of the year that it's the highest result they give out (despite the grading system going up to D5). Seems like many people in the class did well, so we can all give ourselves big pats on the back! Still not had the result back for my 30 minute script, which is now the one I'm really keen on getting. I am a bit scared of getting the result for my dossier. (It feels as scary as if I'm waiting for the results of my high school exams for this one.)

I am going to work on Uni things this afternoon - as well as trying to find an attractive 1 or 2 bedroom flat in Edinburgh for the end of the month. I must also type up notes from Adrian Mead, which I didn't get a chance to do at the weekend.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Contemplating the summer

I'm feeling odd at the moment. I think it's because the final stretch of the MA lies in front of me, rather enticing but scary nonetheless. I have 3 months to conceive of and write my feature, which would be plenty of time if I wasn't working too. I haven't come up with a synopsis of any kind yet, although I'm clear on the characters, genre, setting and basic plot elements, so it should be alright when I actually force myself to write it.

We went to see Mahabharata at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre on Tuesday, which was really good and quite unlike anything I'd seen at the theatre before. It was a musical and (Kathak) dance interpretation of the epic poem of ancient India, and was quite a visual treat. Stunning colours, really interesting choreography and a fascinating blend of languages on stage. I found the style of it quite different, as there was a lot of talking to the audience and static positions being held on stage. Some people were in poses for up to 10 minutes without moving, while movement went on around them. Worth seeing, if you get the chance.

I can't believe I left Doctor Who from my list yesterday. How very strange. But you know, I don't think I'd take anything off to put that on. Maybe Red Dwarf, but then when I was a teenager RD was my favourite programme, so maybe not. I think its because it was off the television for most of my life, so it wasn't something I was seeing on television and getting excited about for a long time. I would rate it as one of my favourite things on television now, but to be honest I haven't seen any episode that was "before my time", as it were, and I haven't seen repeats of any of the Doctor's I really remember. Sylvester McCoy was "my" Doctor. I remember thinking Ace was so cool with all her badges...

Anyway, I must start thinking about the summer project. I must.