Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 - that was the year that was

Well, 2006 has come crashing to an end with a coughing fit for me, so thought I'd do a little summary of events here.

My resolutions at the start of 2006 were:
  • Read 50 Books - think I've done that, not entirely sure,
  • Note all books read down - did that for a while, then moved and lost notepad, hence unclear answer to above,
  • Do a night class - done that - yoga,
  • Have at least 3 haircuts - might seem strange, but I had almost a fear of the hairdresser until recently. Have had about 6 haircuts so definitely done this one,
  • Write for 4 hours a week (at least) - done that!
  • Go on holiday somewhere I've never been - we went to Paris, which I'd been to before on a day trip. I don't know whether to count this as we did go to loads of places I've never been before, and certainly have never stayed there before...
So marginal success there. I'm pleased with myself for what I've achieved this year outside of these aims, notably applying for and getting onto the screenwriting course, improving my confidence in talking to other people, maintaining this blog, improving my fitness levels, buying a laptop, teaching myself some guitar, my growing interest in amateur photography, learning more about the industries in which I want to work, etc.

I think the resolutions for next year are:
  • read 25 books (being a bit more realistic now, 50 too many with my workload),
  • keep a diary,
  • succeed in something, professionally, as a writer,
  • start work on my novel again and complete a draft to send out to agents,
  • dye my hair bright red (terrified of this but always wanted to do it),
  • go to the cinema at least once a month, twice preferably. And not just to Cineworld.
  • take more photographs,
  • do not go back to work in the office full time, no matter how poor I get (otherwise no point in doing the degree!),
  • do another night class - history? geography? a foreign language? photography?
  • get my keyboard from home and learn piano again, maybe even get lessons after degree is finished.
Think that's enough for just now... They all seem do-able, at any rate. Shall have to copy them into my diary! Must remember to write in it tomorrow.

In terms of blogging, I started this blog on the 3rd of April, 2006. Since then I've written 82 posts. I've only labelled 15 of these as being applicable to writing - must do better with this.

I've been tracking visitors since the start of October, and have had 349 visitors since then. A ridiculously large number of these visitors have come from the Vicious Imagery blog (thanks, David!), with Google also providing a fair amount of referrals.

People from at least 39 different countries have visited, which I love. To think of someone in the USA, Japan, India, etc reading this is just lovely. As long as they liked it :)

In terms of referrals from Google, the most popular search phrases are:
  • missread
  • Jane Eyre + Ruth Wilson
  • Simon Grohe
  • Writersroom posted
  • Toby Stephens
Loads more were also Jane Eyre or Run Tony Run! referrals, with a few strange ones thrown in for good measure. (I particularly liked ""screen academy" Scotland rubbish.")

Well, that seems like a good place to stop my summary of the year. I'm still ill, annoyingly, and have been up most of the night coughing wildly, only got about 3 hours sleep. I'm going to lie in bed and watch Jabberwocky now, I think, with a cup of lemsip. (Which reminds me, I'm getting a bit python obsessed after reading Michael Palin's diaries, and have ordered loads of other Python and Palin related goodies for myself. Very naughty.)

Not sure what we're doing for Hogmanay, but we have a bottle of bubbly, whisky, gin, wine and brandy, so we will be merry anyway! As long as I'm still awake at the bells I'll be happy.

Happy Hogmanay to you all - see you in the new year.